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Come and see our Art Exhibition at the Cambridge Studio Gallery in Collingwood.

Come and see our Art Exhibition at the Cambridge Studio Gallery in Collingwood.

IMAG1343[1] IMAG1344[1] IMAG1345[1]                                    Our exhibition SEVEN is continuing at Cambridge Studio Gallery in Cambridge Street Collingwood.

The interior gallery oil paintings are by Susan Gibson, the mixed media work with purple is by Beryl White and the two framed works of 3D flower assemblages are by Virginia McNamara.  IMAG1346[1]

IMAG1347[1]They need to be seen in person to be really appreciated.  If you would like more information about any of the artists or the artwork please call the Cambridge Studio Gallery in Collingwood.

We promise we are all working hard towards our next exhibition at Cambridge Studio Gallery.

In between making sculpture, painting, drawing, cutting, assembling etc we must stop for coffee, do a little gardening and rest. We recently held our last meeting (food galore) in the gallery to discuss the final points. It was mid winter bring your own everything. One brought a big pot of hearty soup, crusty bread, rosemary chips (fries), dips, chocolate cake plus so much more. Wine too.                                                               IMAG1041[1] TIMAG1081[1]The title of our up coming exhibition will be SEVEN.


Interpretation of the cultural symbol; Seven
The regularly exhibiting “Out of the Box” group have chosen to explore seven as a theme. Culturally seven has been a significant symbol, with themes such as Seven deadly Sins, Seven Wonders of the world, Dance of the Seven veils, etc…

The diversity of the theme is reflected in the response by the individual artists to the group theme. Subjects range from views of Melbourne, interiors of a gallery, seven colour spectrums as defined by Isaac Newton, seven sculptures from the imagination and even an artist has challenged herself to complete seven unfinished works…