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A fun meeting was held last night to discuss our forthcoming Art Exhibition titled ‘Seven’.

A fun meeting was held last night to discuss our forthcoming Art Exhibition titled ‘Seven’.


We had lots of food, made some art using pens and ink and scissors, had some wine and talked alot.

Just as we were saying goodbye we remembered that we actually didn’t discuss any details regarding the exhibition.  It didn’t matter really because we are such an organised lot and we had several members of the group missing anyway.  One was travelling (lucky thing), one at the ballet (en pointe), one lives such a long way (and has cows) and another wrestling with replacing some technology in her business.  All were missed very much. We ate: Stuffed peppers (greek style) with tsatsiki, roast baby potatoes, garden salad with avocado, rhubarb crumble with cream, sparkling rose and tea and chocolate.

I’ll post over the next few weeks some of the work happening towards our exhibition.

Kathy Siganakis'mythical creature.

Kathy Siganakis’mythical creature.

This is Lotte.  She and her friends will be in the next exhibition


About Anne Warren Art

I have posted images of my artwork for you to see. If you would like any info about the work I would be happy to talk to you. The artwork I make involves several different processes including painting, drawing, digital imaging/photography and of course collage. My work is not planned but rather my response to a cutout from a book or to ink stains on paper. This type of work becomes and assemblage of hybrid imagery. The work is often described as either surreal or quirky. From time to time I will mention stuff and junk that happens in my life.

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