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Beryl’s art focus is on colour for new paintings to be exhibited later this year.

bw pic  Beryl was kind enough to send me some studio pictures to share with you.  You can see how industrious she has been.  Looks like around seven plus oil paintings that I can see here.

–  At the moment I am working towards our group exhibition in August.  My focus in this exhibition is on colour.

The Blue Room is a work in progress.  –  Beryl White, January 2015


BW 1 BW2 bw3

About Anne Warren Art

I have posted images of my artwork for you to see. If you would like any info about the work I would be happy to talk to you. The artwork I make involves several different processes including painting, drawing, digital imaging/photography and of course collage. My work is not planned but rather my response to a cutout from a book or to ink stains on paper. This type of work becomes and assemblage of hybrid imagery. The work is often described as either surreal or quirky. From time to time I will mention stuff and junk that happens in my life.

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