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Love, Life and Laughter exhibition.

Love, Life and Laughter exhibition.

Kathy Siganakis was one of the participants from this exhibition and is of course a member of the Out of the Box group of Artists.

Here are two representational painted images where Kathy has responded to the title of the exhibition ‘Love, Life and Laughter’.

The third image was a response to our group name where each member made or painted a box.

The Out of the Box group are currently meeting and discussing our 2015 exhibition titled ‘Seven’.  

great aussie dream  The Great Australian Dream

out of the b Out of the Box response by Kathy


Making art can be likened to an adventure.

Making art can be likened to an adventure.

Making art can be likened to an adventure, or to setting off on a journey whose destination may or may not be known, a journey which has the potential to unfold in unexpected twists and turns.

beryl a                               beryl c

beryl g beryl f


beryl d

In putting paint to paper or canvas the catalyst is often an emotional response to something in the natural world, a quality of light and shadow, a patterning of shapes, an implicit sense of place or story. For me it is never a literal representation of nature, but a seeking to respond to the energy of the initial impulse.

This is never a one sided process.  After establishing the initial composition I seek to engage the viewer, to draw them into the painting, to look beyond the surface. Much of this develops as I paint.  I do not fully plan the work, but find the composition will often change as the relationship between the shapes, colours and tones begins to emerge. It is much like engaging in a conversation; the work responds to what is put down and I then respond to it. I mostly work in layers paint, drawing, collage, glazes; each layer responding to what has gone before.

Recently I have been revisiting some previously completed paintings and restarted the conversation, often taking the journey to a different destination.

Here are some examples of re-engaged works.

Much of my work has been oil media based this year I plan to spend more time exploring building up the layers in collage and water media.

Beryl White